Khalid is Fresh

By Danny Rios | April 3, 2022

Our beloved Khalid has returned with a fresh take on his already original style. It’s no secret that Khalid is one of my favorite artists. It all originated with his 2017 debut, the studio album…

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Anime is Pop

By Danny Rios | March 27, 2022

It’s no secret that anime, as a genre, is officially part of the pop culture zeitgeist. The most recent example of this would of course be the success of Jujutsu Kaisen: 0, an anime movie…

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Moxie Raia Interview

By B98.5 | March 25, 2022

Rashaud chats with singer and Jersey native Moxie Raia about the start of her career, advice from Justin Bieber and her new EP 2989. Moxie also shares one of her self-care tips and the list of people she wants to work with.

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The Batman is Vengeance

By Danny Rios | March 20, 2022

A night in Gotham City is treacherous, full of thugs, promiscuity, and, oh yeah! The Batman. Directed by Matt Reeves, The Batman, follows his style of gritty and personal filmmaking. Taking place in the most…

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WWE Drew McIntyre Interview

By B98.5 | March 17, 2022

Mateo sits down with WWE Superstar, Drew McIntyre, to talk about being champ, getting into the business, how to figure out a finishing move and this years Wrestlemania! Plus, they talk about how to get in on the action at ‘WWE Saturday Night’s Main Event’ at Cure Insurance Arena on Saturday, May 7th!

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Chloe Interview

By B98.5 | March 1, 2022

Rashaud checks in with ‘Have Mercy’ singer Chloe! They chat about her role on Freeform’s Grownish, her relationship with her sister Halle, and how she really feels about going viral. Rashaud also tries to find out what’s going on between Chloe and rapper Gunna following the release of the music video for You and I. With her debut album coming this year, Chloe shares her excitement with Rashaud and teases what fans can expect.

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Charlie Puth Interview

By B98.5 | March 1, 2022

Rashaud catches up with Charlie Puth after 4 years! They chat about the possibility of moving back to New Jersey plus which music legend is on his bucket list of people to meet. Charlie fills Rashaud in on how his music has changed plus reinventing himself with Tik Tok. Rashaud also gets Charlie to talk about his 30th Birthday IG pic and what he was thinking when he posted it. Charlie’s album “Charlie” is due Summer 2022 and the single “Light Switch” is out now!

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Rihanna & A$AP Rocky are expecting!

By Danny Rios | February 6, 2022

A new power couple has arisen in the pop culture atmosphere. Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have recently announced that they will soon be sharing a baby!  The two were first publicly acquainted on the remix…

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Spider-Man No Way Home Is… Amazing?

By Danny Rios | January 23, 2022

It’s beyond contention that Spider-Man No Way Home ended 2021 with a bang! Similar to how the MCU changed the game, this Spider-Man movie has opened another door of possibilities when it comes to superhero…

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Dawn FM, The Weeknd’s Retro 80’s Album

By Danny Rios | January 9, 2022

This past Friday, The Weeknd released his album Dawn FM. A spiritual successor to his previous album After Hours, Dawn FM has The Weeknd fully diving into his 80’s inspired artistry. Naturally, the retro album…

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