Sidney Sweeney Is Spider-Woman In Spider-Man Spin-Off

Spider-Man is one of the most dynamic characters in both comics, and media overall. His suit, villains, and allies are some of the best and most recognized worldwide! Now we’ll get some cinema expanded Spider-Man lore with the Sydney Sweeney starred film: Madame Web. You can find the newly released first trailer for this film down below.

Sony, and Sony Pictures, have held the film rights of Spider-Man since 1999. They’re the ones who decided to put Toby Maguire & Andrew Garfield in the suit, and more recently have decided to share Spider-Man with Disney, for mutual benefit, with the MCU’s, Tom Holland, Spider-Man. At the same time, Sony has also been attempting to create a spin-off film universe using the web-slinger’s related characters. Of course, there’s Tom Hardy’s Venom film series, that terrible Morbius movie, and an upcoming Kraven The Hunter film. The newest addition to these loosely connected movies will be Madame Web, which arrives in theaters February 14, 2024.

Sydney Sweeney as Spider-Woman

Sweeney won’t be the only actor of note, actually there are some pretty notable names in the cast list.

  • Sydney Sweeney – Julia Carpenter (Spider-Woman)
  • Emma Roberts – Mary Parker (Spider-Man’s Mom)
  • Dakota Johnson – Madame Web
  • Isabella Merced – Anya Corazon (Spider-Woman)
  • Celeste O’Connor – Mattie Franklin (Spider-Woman)
  • Adam Scott – Ben Parker (Uncle Ben)
  • Tahar Rahim – Ezekiel (Extradimensional Spider-Person)
Celeste O’Connor (above)
Isabelle Merced (below)

Remember, this film takes place in an alternate universe, so some characters’ backstories are different. For instance, Uncle Ben is clearly alive, alongside Peter Parker’s mom, but no Peter to be seen. Meanwhile, there are three Spider-Woman in this story.

If you’re interested at all in how this story might work, or who some of these characters are, albeit some possible minor spoilers for the sake of background, continue reading below. Either way, let me know what you think of this trailer @theB985.

Spider-Man TAS, Madame Web

Madame Web is an extradimensional being whose job revolves around the Spider-People of the multiverse (Spider-Verse). In every universe in Marvel comics there is a Spider-Person, with their own role to play in it all. Madame Web watches over the Web of Life and Destiny to ensure that each Spider-Person fulfils their part. Here, we see three Spider-Women, and a Madame Web. The villain in this film will be Ezekiel, who in the comics, jumps from universe to universe, helping the Spider-people, who are actually being annihilated . The story in the comics is crazy, and is called Spider-Verse. If you want to learn about that you can click here.

Personally I think these Sony movies kind of miss the mark, something about the filters and the dialogue, I don’t know, it just seems off to me. Would love to know what you think though! Let’s talk Sony Spider-Man movies and spin-offs! What do you like, what don’t you like? All @theB985.