New Animated BATMAN Holiday Special

The holiday season is always abundant with fun, merriness, and of course content. There’s definitely no shortage of holiday movies, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do without another fun one. The first trailer for Merry Little Batman has been released, and will be available December 8th on Prime Video.

Featuring Luke Wilson as Batman, James Cromwell as Alfred, and David Hornsby as The Joker; Merry Little Batman brings Batman’s son, Damian Wayne , out of the role of Robin (fourth official Robin canonically), and into the role of [insert title here]. Runtime is unknown right now, but my guess is at least 44 min considering the healthy cast of rogues being featured.

A fun romp following the characters of Gotham City seems like it’ll hit the spot for my little nerd heart. Let me know if you’ll be checking this one out @theB985. 🙂

Batman TAS “Christmas With The Joker”

P.S. If you want more Holiday Batman, the animated series has a Christmas special that is just fantastic. It’s on Max.