What New Jersey Thanksgivings Are Like

Since 1789, Thanksgiving has been a staple during the fall season for Americans thanks to none other thank president George Washington. New Jersey, being so packed and full of love might hold the best Thanksgiving celebrations, spanning the many cultures that hold it together. Now a recent survey shows when & what New Jerseyans love to eat!

Ok, so apparently the most likely time to eat in a New Jersey household on Thanksgiving is between 3pm-4pm. Makes sense, I feel like I don’t eat all day until dinner is ready, might as well make it a linner! A third of people will agree, with more than a quarter preferring an hour earlier, and a fifth enjoying dinner between 4pm-5pm.

TimePercentage of votes
After 6pm8%
Before 12pm2%

Welp, ain’t fractions fun? How about just say what the best food is? Before I do that, tell me what your favorite Thanksgiving food is, @theB985!

Leftovers are so fun, I feel like by the time I get to the next day I’m just praying my favorite dish is still around so that I can demolish some leftovers! According to our survey, 75% of New Jersey residents claim stuffing as their favorite leftover.

LeftoversPercentage of voters
Roast Turkey65%
Mashed Potatoes50%
Apple Pie43%
Honey-Glazed Ham35%
Pumpkin Pie33%
Sweet Potatoes33%
Rolls or Bread 28%
Green Beans25%
Cranberry Sauce23%
Deviled Eggs20%
Casserole Dishes18%
Pecan Pie15%
Grilled Vegetables15%
Brussels Sprouts15%
Other (please specify)2%

All of our info on this comes from BetOhio.com, who put together a 3,000-person Thanksgiving survey across New Jersey to find out their November holiday habits.

The Jersey Shore’s #1 Hit Music Station, it’s B98.5 ! Of and for the people, tell us your Thanksgiving loves or what your thankful for @theB985 🙂 <3