‘Karate Kid’ (2024) Brings Back Ralph Macchio & Jackie Chan

Who would have thought that an 80’s about a teenager learning martial arts would be just as relevant today, almost 40 years after its initial release, as it was then?

Next year will bring us a new installment in the Karate Kid franchise that will see both the return of Ralph Macchio as Daniel LaRusso and Jackie Chan as Mr. Han respectively.

As of now, most of the details are under wraps for the film. What is known however, is that this film will be a continuation of the original continuity and likely tie in with Netflix’s Cobra Kai series based on its inclusion of Macchio reprising his role as the great Danielsan. It will also continue the 2010 film storyline which brought in Chan as the mentor Mr. Han.

The general story of the 2024 film is said to follow a teen from China, presumably studying under Chan’s Mr. Han, and move the story to the East Coast of the United States. This switch to the east coast changes the traditional west coast setting of the franchise. All of this said, we won’t truly know how the threads will all connect its release on December 13, 2024.

In truth, a lot was pushed back due to Hollywood’s strikes, and this movie is an example of that. Originally slated for a June 2024 release, the same month as the original film, things have obviously been delayed. Just recently, a casting call was put out by Macchio and Chan to look for the franchise’s next star.

All in all, I am giddy to see this next installment of the Karate Kid. Who would you like to see return? I’d love a Jaden Smith cameo or one of the favorites from Cobra Kai! Let me know your top pick @theB985 🙂