James Gunn Announces DC’s Chapter One Stories

By Danny Rios | February 1, 2023

James Gunn was named Co-CEO of DC Studios along with producer Peter Safran, in late 2023. This means that Gunn is half of the duo that is in charge of all creative media at DC,…

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Jonas Bros. Album Soon

By Danny Rios | January 31, 2023

Monday January 30th, the Jonas Brothers were inducted into the Hollywood walk of fame. Having a ceremony to honor the big step into the iconic club, Nick Jonas made a major announcement during the affair.…

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Sam Smith Music Video Controversy

By Danny Rios | January 30, 2023

With the release of their newest album “Gloria,” Sam Smith followed it up by releasing a music  video for the project’s most recent single, “I’m Not Here To Make Friends.” Since the video’s debut last…

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Sam Smith Album OTW

By Danny Rios | January 16, 2023

Pop artist Sam Smith has been a quite the little run lately, releasing the highly anticipated, and frankly beloved track, “Unholy” with singer Kim Petras in late September 2022. Obviously his was leading to something,…

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New Music From Miley Cyrus

By Danny Rios | January 8, 2023

Miley Cyrus has been through a lot over the last year and a half. Now she plans to start the new year off with a bang! Most recently Miley has gone on to release the…

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My Top 5 Most Anticipated Things In 2023

By Danny Rios | January 8, 2023

New year means new opportunities to feel joy within life. It means bettering yourself and using time to it’s fullest, whether that be with family, friends, or alone. This is a top 5 list (in…

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The Day Batman Died…

By Danny Rios | November 13, 2022

Batman is one of the most iconic figures in the world; since the character’s entering other mediums, following his start in comic books, a number of actors have come to play him. Out of all…

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3 Stand Up Comedians You Should Check Out

By Danny Rios | October 16, 2022

We all love to laugh. In fact, studies have shown that laughing prolongs life. So, let’s do more of it! Here are my 3 favorite stand up comedians right now. Each different in their own…

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Woah, The Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer

By Danny Rios | October 9, 2022

Amongst my most anticipated movies of 2023, sits the Super Mario Bros. Movie. “But Danny, video game movies are never good.” I know, shush. This one has potential. Trust me I was skeptical at first…

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New Jersey & the Ode to Puerto Rico

By Danny Rios | September 18, 2022

*** “[Bad Bunny] hails from the world’s last colony, Puerto Rico, where tourists go to seek paradise.” In recent times, it’s calculated that about 5.8 million(M) Puerto Ricans take residence on the mainland United States,…

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