‘Mean Girls’ 2024

Wow a new Mean Girls film for 2024, that’s so fetch, right?

20 years after the premiere of Mean Girls, starring Lindsay Lohan & Rachael McAdams, among others – the film brought to us by Tina Fey – has been rebooted with an updated version for the era. Of course, Fey had a major say in this revival of the classic 2004 film. Once again fey is credited with the screenplay here.

Mean Girls 2024

Our new version of Mean Girls, which hits theaters January 12th, 2024, rehashes many of the elements of its predecessor. That being said, I’m not entirely sold on Mean Girls needing to be remade, it came out post internet; so many of its updates, in my opinion, may come off disingenuous. The ol’ oh look we can facetime now, so let’s remake the movie with people facetiming, seems unnecessary. Then again, Tina Fey is the creator of the original, and this remake, so I do have faith.

Mean Girls 2004

It’s clear the 2004 version has left a lasting impression on this, now grown, generation. The IP still garners attention, like with this recent Walmart commercial starring some of the original cast. Now that I mention it, I wonder if some of the original cast will make cameos in the remake….

Either way, the trailer leaves me with hope, and so I’ll leave you with that. Check out the trailer for Mean Girls 2024, and let me know your thoughts @theB985.