Netflix’s Avatar: The Last Airbender, Live-Action Trailer

Finally it doesn’t just feel like a dream, Netflix’s Avatar: The Last Airbender live-action adaption finally has a trailer and a release date!

It’s been some years since Netflix announced that they were going to make a liver action version of Avatar that everyone could be proud of. Between COVID, the writer and Actors’ guild strikes, many of us either forgot, or lost hope it would ever come to fruition.

Yesterday, a teaser trailer for the series finally was released. First thoughts? It looks amazing. Off the back of Netflix’s One Piece live-action series the momentum for great animation turned real life remake has been stellar. Sure, they botched the Cowboy Beepop series, but anime to live-action has always been a touchy debate.

animation vs live-action

If something is near perfect, why try to recreate it in live-action? The answer: to spread an amazing story to a wider audience. Often times people discredit story telling if it’s through the lenses of animation. It doesn’t help when movies like Dragonball Evolutuion & Avatar: The Last Airbender (2010) spit on their source material.

It seems though, that Netflix has caught their stride. The trailer for Netflix’s Avatar: The Last Airbender is here, and announce a release date of February 22nd, 2024. It seems to follow the source material, which is all that us fans want in a show like this.

Check out the trailer below and tell us your thoughts @theB985!