ONE PIECE Netflix Show

2023 is a huge benchmark in terms of the anime industry. One Piece, one of the greatest stories written by many accounts, is transcending the manga* (Japanese comic book written an illustrated by one person*) format once again. Usually if a manga is making waves, it will be granted an anime* (Japanese animation show/movie*). One Piece, created by Eiichiro Oda has been running as a manga since 1997, and an animation since 1999. You can the series pretty much everywhere, from Cartoon Network, to Netflix, Hulu, and a bunch of other places. Now, Netflix is moving to release a live action version of One Piece series at the end of August 2023.

Could you imagine watching or reading an ongoing story since the 90’s? Imagine how fantastic a story would have to be to keep you interested in it for that long. One Piece is currently at Chapter 1088, accumulated in 106 chapters, its anime depiction is on episode 1069. Baffling right?

The series is action packed, heart felt (yes I’ve cried multiple times), hilarious, and so much more. Following characters for so long builds a bond with them that is intensely strong. Now, Netflix is dumping boatloads of money, $18M an episode, to bring us a live action adaption of the beloved series of One Piece. That’s around as much as House of the Dragon spends per episode, and more than most everything else you watch.

The story follows a crew of pirates, traveling through a fantastical world where pirates and the world navy battle each other, and themselves, to bring a new age to the world. It brings with it both complex characters & themes that make you root for some villains and against some heroes, and visa versa! People on both sides have their own abilities/powers, motivations and reasonings, and people with them, in order to see their dream manifest. One Piece‘s main character, Monkey D. Luffy, has a rubber body, that’s his power. Along with him is a group of misfits that Luffy gathered himself, in order to reach the treasure at the end of the world, the one piece, and become King of the Pirates, ushering in a new dawn across the world.

Monkey D. Luffy

Normally, anime fans are warry of live action depictions of their favorite series, it can’t be helped, but somehow, SOMEHOW, this Netflix adaption looks AWESOME! They’ve seemingly put a lot of love into adapting this story into something we fans can be proud of. The trailer can be found below, and I’m super curious to know your thoughts on it @theB985. I think it’ll be a perfect way for people to transition into becoming more comfortable with using the anime medium as a form of consuming media. This Netflix adaption releases August 26, 2023.