Cardi B Retaliates After Drink Hits Her

Saturday, July 29th, Cardi B was preforming in Las Vegas. During her set, Cardi rapped her mega-hit “Bodak Yellow” as usual. This time though, a concert goer got a little antsy it seems, because in the middle of Cardi doing her thing, this lady in a white dress threw her drink at the rapper.

If you didn’t know: splashing Cardi with your clear drink while she preforms for you is a no-no. Like the true g(angsta) that Cardi is, the transgression was met with the same energy. Cardi took a breath and then immediately threw her microphone at this woman in return. It wasn’t long before security guards swarmed an escorted the drink-quarterback out of the venue. Miss Cardi B was gifted her microphone and the show continued without incident.

This new trend of throwing things at artists (aside from bras 😉 ) needs to be stopped. While they preform, artists are vibe curators, and when things like this happen it puts a damper on the energy in the room. Luckily for Cardi, this flying object wasn’t anything that could cause real harm, like the one thrown at Bebe Rexha in this video here, but still.