Daddy Yankee Retires

Not often can you say that an artist changed the direction of music, in this case however, we can. Daddy Yankee is a Puerto Rico native who is highly regarded for his bringing reggaetón music to mainstream ears. Now, he leaves his path as a musician behind to follow his faith.

More than twenty years after his debut, Daddy Yankee is still very much as relevant as he was then. Still keeping up artistically with more modern artists like Bad Bunny, J Balvin, amongst others, Yankee is a legend in Latin music. That’s not all though, still to this day you can go into any club and hear one of his many smash hits, “Gasolina” being maybe his most prominent.

Others you might know include:

  • “La Despedida”
  • “Lo Que Paso Paso”
  • “Despacito”
  • “Limbo”
  • “Shaky Shaky”

Though that is just scratching the surface.

Flag of Puerto Rico

Yankee concluded his career the same day he concluded his farewell tour, in his native Puerto Rico, with wishes to devote the rest of his life to religion and other positive outlets. The tour itself garnered $125M, which just goes to show how strong his fandom still stands.