15 Movies To See, In Summer of ’23

The best way to watch a movie is in the theater!

Summer officially kicks off Wednesday, June 21st. With the season, comes so many fun activities. One of my favorite summer activities has always been going to the movies! Sure movies come out all year ’round, but much like how autumn is the season for video games, the summer is the season for cinema. Here’s a list of 15 movies, in order of release date, that might interest you this season. Let me know which one(s) interests you @theB985! My top picks can be found at the bottom of the list.

  1. June 21 – Barbie
    • Barbie & Ken live in the fantastical Barbie Land. However, they find out the real world is out there, and begin the joys of living amongst humans.
    • #comedy #starstudded blockbuster
  2. June 23 No Hard Feelings
    • Jennifer Lawrence schemingly dates a younger guy, so that she can get a car from his parents.
    • #ratedR #comedy #raunchy
  3. June 30 – Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny
    • Indie and team quest for a dial that can change the course of history.
    • #adventure #sci-fi #comedy #blockbuster #franchise
  4. July 4 – Sound of Freedom
    • Man ventures to save children from abusive trading ring.
    • #thriller #BasedOnTrueStory
  5. July 7 – Joy Ride
    • Two life long friends of Asian dissent, decide to travel to China to learn about their native culture. This looks hilarious.
    • #ratedR #comedy #adventure
  6. July 12 Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning: Part One
    • Tom Cruise being a badass American spy trying to save the world. This looks awesome.
    • #action #blockbuster #franchise
  7. July 14 – Theater Camp
    • An artsy comedy about awkward theater kids trying to put together a play while at camp. I think this will be hysterical.
    • #ratedR #comedy #teen #artsy
  8. July 21 – Oppenheimer
    • Christopher Nolan’s telling of the ‘Manhattan Project,’ and one of the main scientists behind it, leading to the creation of the atomic bomb.
    • #thriller #BasedOnTrueStory #starstudded #artsy
  9. July 28 – Talk To Me
    • A group of friends is in the hands of an object capable of conjuring spirits.
    • #scary #foreign #teen
  10. August 2 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem
    • The turtles come out of the sewers for the first time to take down a crime syndicate, but one thing leads to another and an army of bad guy mutants is unleashed on them.
    • #animated #comedy #starstudded #franchise #blockbuster #action #family
  11. August 11 – The Last Voyage of The Demeter
    • In 1897 a merchant ship, named The Demeter, sails with mysterious cargo from Carpathia to London. Soon, Dracula unleashes doom upon the crew.
    • #scary #artsy #thriller
  12. August 18 – Blue Beetle
    • Latino-American teen, Jaime Reyes, finds himself in possession of an ancient alien relic called the Scarab. When it chooses Jaime, he’s granted a super powered suit, and decides to be the hero Blue Beetle.
    • #superhero #action #comedy #blockbuster #teen #family
  13. August 18 – Strays
    • Will Ferrell and Jaimie Fox are dogs who have been left in the city as strays. When they meet, they decide to travel in order to get revenge on Ferrell’s previous owner.
    • #ratedR #comedy #starstudded #animals
  14. August 25 – Bottoms
    • Two lesbian friends decide to start a fight club at school in order to meet girls and lose their virginity. They quickly find out they’ve bit off more than they can chew when the popular girls start beating each other up in the name of self defense. I think this will be a surprise hit.
    • #ratedR #comedy #teen #gay
  15. September 29 – The Creator
    • In the future, humans create an AI that eventually wages war on humanity. Scrounging together, the humans push to find the machine’s weakness, it being a young girl, AI/human hybrid of some sort. How will the story playout? Not sure yet, but it looks dope!
    • #sci-fi #action #blockbuster
MI: Dead Reackoning Pt.1
Theater Camp
TMNT: Mutant Mayhem
Blue Beatle
The Creator