Olivia Rodrigo “Vampire” Single

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been tracking Olivia Rodrigo’s upcoming music releases (1 & 2), but we finally have an official title and release date. Olivia confirmed that she’ll be releasing the first single “Vampire” for her upcoming album on June 30th.

At this moment we don’t have much info on the album itself, no release date, or title, just that it’ll be coming later this year. My guess is August or September, otherwise October. You can check out the influences of this next album within her Apple Music “Influences” playlist. Word on the street is, this next album will be darker than her previous. The name of this new single, may be telling of that.

Fans have been wanting more music from Olivia for some time now, and this is telling by the fact that the vinyl for “Vampire” are already sold out during presales!

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