Olivia Rodrigo Teases 2nd Album

Olivia Rodrigo & her “Driver’s License” t-shirt

It’s been two years since the release of Olivia Rodrigo’s debut album SOUR. To celebrate, Olivia wrote a note to her fans, and in it, teased a new album coming soon.

While not saying it outright, the ‘Good For U’ singer said she’d celebrate the second anniversary of here album by “[reflecting] on all the amazing things that have happened since SOUR and Looking fORward 2 all the things to come.”

Will she be reflecting? OR WORKING ON ALBUM #2???

I’m glad you asked! Olivia’s SOUR anniversary post on Instagram came with the caption, “the new stuff is so so so so so close to being done I pinky promise.”

My guess is: this all means it’ll likely be released either this summer or fall, but you be the judge. Tell me your thoughts @theB985.