Swifties Have Taylor’s Ex’s Shook

Since the announcement of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), it seems like all of Taylor Swift’s ex’s are coming forth either in fear, or in peace, that she’s going to air out their dirty laundry.

Most recently Joe Jonas said knows he’s cool with Taylor Swift, but just hopes the Swifties are cool with him. The two dated briefly in 2008 and according to Joe Jonas, “nobody f’s with the Swifties.”

Actor Taylor Lautner, who dated Swift for some months in 2009, has since joked about his own role in Swift’s love life. Saying he thinks he’s/they’re good now. Going further to say that he’s “praying for John.”


This of course is a reference to another Swift ex boyfriend, John Mayer. If you don’t know, John is a legendary singer, songwriter, and guitarist, and the two dated during 2009 & 2010. At the time, Taylor was 19 and John was 32. A lot of Swift’s 2010 album spoke about her past relationships, but most notably the one with John Mayer.

Speak Now will soon be getting a Taylor’s Version rerelease, and the Swifties are clamoring for more juicy details about Taylor’s past loves.

If you were Taylor, how would you handle the situation? Rereleasing an album that divulges feelings about relationships from more than 13 years ago now…? Let me know @theB985 .

Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) is coming July 7th.