Who Is Blue Beetle ?

One of DC’s coolest heroes, Blue Beetle, now has his first ever film! BB is probably most known for being featured in the Injustice 2 video game, but this will be most people’s introduction to this really dope character. This article is to help you learn a little more about this awesome hero.

Jaime Reyes is Blue Beetle, well, the second incarnation. Created in 1939, BB was remixed in 2006 and garnered so much fandom in such a short time.

Jaime Reyes is a Latino American superhero, teenager, living in El Paso, Texas. After coming into contact with the scarab, an alien device that attaches itself indefinitely to a host, Reyes is granted an armored suit with all sorts of super abilities.

Blue Beetle in Young Justice

In short, he can manifest all kinds of weapons, shields, etc. with a single thought. Things like swords, or even sonic blasters, are no sweat. His lifestyle is like Latino Peter Parker, and his powers can be described as alien Iron-Man. That being said, he’s not always in control of his body/suit, considering the scarab is programmed by it’s unearthly creators to carry out an unknown mission.

Using the power of the scarab, Jaime fights crime both on earth, and in space. He’s worked alongside big time heroes such as Superman, Green Lantern, and the rest of the DC roster. So, while he is young, BB is a heavy hitter! With a fun and whimsical nature to boot.

BB w/ B-Man

Blue Beetle has made appearances in series’ such as Young Justice, and Batman The Brave and The Bold. As well as in video games like Injustice 2. Originally supposed to premiere streaming on MAX, James Gunn (director of Guardians of the Galaxy, and new head of DC films) moved it to premiering in theaters. Judging from everything we’ve seen thus far, I truly believe ththis is going to be a sneaky hit. Let me know what you think @theB985.