Olivia Rodrigo Releases ‘GUTS’ Tracklist

Olivia Rodrigo GUTS

September 8th is the date we can look forward to when it comes to new music from Olivia Rodrigo. Her sophomore album is just over a month away, with fans constantly clamoring to hear more from the upcoming GUTS LP. Lucky for us, today she just dropped the tracklist, next single, and the backside of her album art!

GUTS album backside art

June 30th, Olivia released the first single for GUTS, “vampire“, since then we’ve gotten a music video to boot, as well as the aforementioned official release date for the album. Earlier this week however, Olivia teased the tracklist coming soon.

Though now, we finally have it! Today, August 2nd, Olivia Rodrigo released the 12 song tracklist for her second album GUTS.

GUTS Tracklist:

  1. all american bβ€”h
  2. bad idea right?
  3. vampire
  4. lacy
  5. ballad of a homeschooled girl
  6. making the bed
  7. logical
  8. get him back
  9. love is embarassing
  10. the grudge
  11. pretty isn’t pretty
  12. teenage dream

Along with these 12 song titles, the video featured a letter saying “258 get him back” alluding to track no.8 from GUTS “get him back” being released on August 25th (8/25) as the next single.

All very exciting! If you’re an Olivia Rodrigo fan, hit us up @theB985 and tell us your favorite song/moment from the artist.

Olivia R.
258 get him back
Los Angeles, CA