Summertime Music: Playboy by Fireboy DML

As the summer continues on its path to eventual conclusion, summertime vibes are still in full effect. To make sure you’re not out of the loop, I’ve got to put you on to this artist, and this album. Playboy by Fireboy DML is what you want to be listening to if you’re trying to enjoy the last hurrahs of summer ‘22. A worldwide sound, this is a ‘by the water album,’ perfect for the Jersey Shore.

I’d originally found Fireboy DML a ways back. “Vibeting,” a Spotify playlist, created by youtuber Hindzsight, included some Fireboy in it. Most notably “Energy,” and “King,” off of his 2019 album Laughter, Tears, & Goosebumps. Fast forward to now, and the Fireboy DML we hear on this most recent album, Playboy, is notably more self confident (if the title didn’t give it away). You yourself may already know a Fireboy track or two, most notably, “Peru,” which includes Ed Sheeran as a feature artist.

Playboy as a project is very much an ode to Fireboy DML’s career thus far. Born Adedamola Adefolahan, Fireboy DML is a 26 year-old, singer songwriter out of Nigeria. His music is very much founded around the afropop genre. Being so fun & bouncy, this is considered to be the worldwide genre, yet still true to its afropop roots. Though some lyrics find themselves being Nigerian pidgin, not english, the energy he portrays throughout the project keep you on the right frequency; alive & living. Beginning with, “Change,” and ending with, “Glory,” Playboy is a journey. 

This album, being his third, allows Fireboy DML to chill out a bit. Enjoy life, and allow himself to bask in his successes thus far. Playboy,’ in this sense, does not connote the playboy that we are familiar with—women, pools, lingerie, doing great stuff, says Fireboy in a recent interview, This is the phrase ‘boy, play.’ I’m ready to come out to play….  I’m ready to be more expressive. Not careless, but carefree… just have fun and relax. I was always holding back; now, I’m telling my truth. It’s this kind of sentiment that elevates this album to a new level for me. His expression of love for life and his artistry shines through so beautifully throughout the entire project. For me though, the brightest and and highest moments of the album come to me in a handful of tracks more so than others.

My top 3 tracks in Fireboy DML’s Playboy have to be: “Bandana,” “Playboy,” & “Peru”. Honestly if I had to give my honorable mentions, it’d be a slippery slope, I’d mess around and just start naming everything on the album. Interestingly enough, “Peru” has three versions, and they’re all good. There’s the original (Fireboy DML solo), version two (Fireboy & Ed Sheeran), and the remix (Fireboy, Blxst, & 21 Savage). Originally I’d preferred the latter because of how 21 Savage begins his verse; though more recently I’ve been liking version two the best because of how great Ed Sheeran’s verse is. I need to know what you think though!

Hit me up @theB985 and let me know either what your favorite song is on Playboy, or which version of “Peru” you enjoy the most. As always I’m Danny Rios,  and you can find me @RiosDanielSun. Thanks for checking out the article! Much Love, Peace.