I’ll Take “The Best Movie Out Right Now” For 800

Everything, Everywhere, All At Once is such an ambitious film. Its a multiversal, karate, drama, comedy, epic, and hits the nail on the head for all of these genres. Winner of multiple awards, rereleased in theaters just a short time after its initial run, this is a must see. Yet somehow, most people don’t know about it. I’m here to change that!

My newfound love for this movie makes it so that I really don’t want to give too much away about it. I want you to experience it for yourself. Here’s just the general synopsis to peak your interest, along with some of my thoughts regarding why I feel the way that I do about it.

Everything, Everywhere, All At Once follows Evelyn (Michelle Yeoh), a mom, a wife, a daughter. Her life has her feeling like she’s suffocating. The collection of decisions she’s made throughout her life are constantly weighing down on her. Right when she feels like there’s no escape, and she’s going to be crushed by it all, Evelyn comes face to face with the multiverse. Now she must traverse alternate lives while at the same time trying to piece everything together in her own. During her expeditions into alternate realities, Evelyn is met with some familiar faces, all different in extreme ways compared to her own life. The journey within Everything, Everywhere, All At Once forces Evelyn to struggle and find herself along with what truly matters in the infinite finality of life.

The title describes the film in a way you might only truly understand by seeing it. Everything, Everywhere, All At Once is all genres: sci-fi/fantasy, comedy, action, drama, lgbtq+, and adventure. I understand that this may be a bit jarring. Like, how could this movie be good when it embodies so many different things? Simple. By being so broad, it can paint a more vivid picture of what life is. That’s because it has more colors to play with.

The film brings a sort of freedom to the screen that you don’t often see. A small example of this is how directors portray the main cast, a Chinese family. Like life in my Latin house, in the movie the family sometimes switches between speaking English and their native tongue. I loved this little detail because as wild as this film gets at times -and boy does it- it also feels grounded.

In terms of praise & recognition, Everything, Everywhere, All At Once received 9 awards as well as 8 other nominations for things like Best Actress, Best Picture, & Best Director. It’s brought to us by one of my favorite film studios, A24. A place where true creators get to create. This movie is art, but not in a yuppie, pretentious, kind of way. More so in a cool and inviting, almost mind bottling kind of way.

Funny enough, as amazing as this movie is, I have this weird feeling that it went under most people’s radar. Hence this article. Though I was looking forward to view it, I’d gotten so caught up in my own life, that I didn’t get to watch this in theaters. Then, like my prayers were heard, it got a rerelease in theaters. Just due to the amazing reception it’d gotten. I had to go, and I did! Very worth the time and money of seeing it on the big screen. So much so, I’m going to try to go again.

Everything Everywhere, All At Once is an experience. A rated R experience because of how weird it goes at times, but an amazing experience nonetheless. If you’re of legal age to watch it, I implore you to see it the way it’s meant to be seen; in theaters. If you can’t, just watch it wherever. It’s that good. If you’ve seen it, hit me up @theB985! Let’s chat all thing Everything, Everywhere, All At Once. As always you can find the writer of this article @RiosDanielSun. 🙂