Ms. Marvel Is So Much Fun!

I finally finished watching Ms. Marvel. It’s the next step in the MCU, a series on Disney plus, and I’ve got to say that I’m more than satisfied with the miniseries.

The latest installment in the MCU, Ms. Marvel is the story of –wait for itA GIRL FROM NEW JERSEY. Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel, played by Iman Villani, is a Jersey City native & Avengers superfan. Ms. Marvel follows Kamala through her everyday struggles. She’s just a high school teenager, very much an unsuspecting in-betweener, dealing with the regular-degular boy crushes and the like. That is, until she get’s super powers. Right off the bat, I really enjoyed this series for what it is. An MCU phase four addition, it shines for being a pretty grounded and young story, akin to Spider-Man: Homecoming. While also bringing its own flavor and life. 

The creator of the series, Bisha K. Ali, definitely let his imagination run wild. So many small details, like the way text messages are seen in the show, bring the series to life. More than that, it doesn’t shy away from showing off Kamala’s culture in a very fun and engaging way. All of this, along with a super charismatic cast, allow the series to radiate energy and good vibes. I watched this show with my younger sister. There’s a twelve year age gap. Yet, we both found it funny when it’s supposed to be. Loving when it’s supposed to be; and overall just really entertaining. Only 6 episodes, with each being around an hour, it was the perfect series to share with my younger sibling. 

Though I’m sure a lot of the more nerdy comic book references went over her head. You should know there are a lot of fun easter eggs and goodies found within Ms. Marvel as well. For one, I loved her comic book accurate hero attire. Another thing of note, the announcement of mutants in the universe! An obvious nod to the X-Men eventually making their official entrance into the MCU. Something I’ve been waiting too long for.

Hit me up @theB985 with your thoughts on the Ms. Marvel series! I found so much enjoyment in this and I hope you did too. I’m Danny Rios, thank you for checking out my article, I really appreciate it. For more fun reads, and anything else we might share passion for, check out the link in my Instagram bio @RiosDanielSun. 🙂