Animated Avatar The Last Airbender Film 2024: Aang

More San Diego Comic Con 2022 news afoot!

Avatar The Last Airbender is a Nickelodeon animated series beloved by fans around the world. Along with series’ like Spongebob, Avatar is one of the most widely recognizable IP’s with millennials. It is a series that explores the balancing of oneself, along with other complex ideals, in a way that is digestible for people of all ages.

The series originally debuted in February of 2005, and successfully wrapped up after 3 seasons in July of 2008. Following its high praise, the sequel series The Legend of Korra took over screens during its tenure. Expounding on the mythos, the show ran from 2012 to 2014, with 4 seasons.

Since then, fans like myself have been craving more content. Since the tv shows ended, only comic books have been the medium with which we find our favorite characters progressing. Overall, there was also a live action adaptation for Avatar the Last Airbender in 2010. Which, let’s be honest, was one of the worst theatrically released movies of all time. More recently, Netflix has taken on remaking the original Avatar in live action. This time as a series; with filming concluding in June of 2022. That’s all good and dandy but it’s clear that people want to see the world of Avatar as it was intended, animated, with newer stories.

Finally in June, it was announced that the team at Avatar and Paramount Pictures had struck a deal! Three animated films were set to release in 2025 (Kyoshi), 2026 (Zuko), & 2027 (Korra). With that being said, San Diego Comic Con 2022 has brought us some new news. Now the 2024 film will officially be based around Avatar Aang, rather than Kyoshi, seeing him as a fully fledged adult avatar. This news was released by @AvatarNews_ on twitter, which is where I first saw it, and I’m so very much looking forward to all of it! Considering you’ve read this far, I’m sure you are too! Hit me up @theB985 & tell me which of the three films you’re most excited to see!