Black Panther 2 Teaser Trailer

San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) is the place to be every summer if you’re looking to be engrossed in everything nerdy & pop culture! Amongst other things, this event is known to be where the newest comic movies trailers released. One highly anticipated movie trailer fans have been expecting is Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. With a November 11th release date, and the passing of the movie’s lead protagonist: the actor Chadwick Boseman (T’Challa) in 2020, fans didn’t know what to feel about the sequel to one of the most successful comic book movies of all time. SDCC being upon us, the trailer is now here!

Chadwick Boseman’s passing has left a hole in our hearts. His Legacy continues in the art that he has produced. Boseman represented the pinnacle of black history with the roles that he played in cinema. Some of Boseman’s roles include the likes of Thurgood Marshall, Jackie Robinson, James Brown, and of course -The Black Panther- T’Challa. The trailer is linked below, I’m curious to know what you thought of it and the direction that Marvel is taking by allowing T’Challa to be honored, along with Boseman, as the late Black Panther. Under the trailer are my thoughts on the future of Black Panther & the MCU… be aware of possible spoilers ahead.


This new film does a lot for the Marvel universe. Firstly, it establishes the passing of T’Challa. It also introduces Namor “The Sub-Mariner” King of Atlantis (antihero, eventual Avenger, and rival to the Black Panther/Wakandan throne), as well as introduce a new Black Panther to take up the mantle after T’Challa. More than that, Kevin Feige confirmed that Black Panther 2, along with the She-Hulk series, will conclude Marvel’s Phase 4. All of this combined bear a heavy weight on the shoulders of the film, and director Ryan Coogler, to deliver.

From the looks of it, it seems to reintroduce Eric Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) as the successor to T’Challa, which I think is the best direction to go in. The end of the trailer, the last scene specifically, shows off a familiar set of yellow claws. Although Killmonger was the antagonist in the previous film, and assumed to have been killed, his character arc could be extremely compelling if brought back. In the comics, Killmonger did hold the throne for some time; just like this next possible T’Challa successor: Shuri. Played by charismatic Letitia Wright, Shuri is the sister to T’Challa, and would be the rightful heir to the throne due to bloodline. At this point it’s too vague to tell, but I am definitely looking forward to learning more in the coming months!

So many questions answered, and so many new ones have arisen! Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, the teaser trailer is out now! What are your thoughts on it, and the future of the MCU? Let me know @theB985. I’m Danny Rios, thank you for taking the time to read this article! You can find me @RiosDanielSun 🙂