Harry’s In The House


The newest installment in the Harry Styles quality music catalog. Standing alongside amongst the great 2022 summer albums, is Harry Styles’ Harry’s House. 

Full of layered sounds, this album is euphoric. From its beginning, track 1 “Music For A Sushi Restaurant” provides a certain futuristic nostalgia. Truly “music for whatever you want” , this song shows that the album is for the day or night. To me, the album’s highlights come with the first five tracks, as well as track 9 “Daylight” , and track 11 “Satellite” . In total, Harry’s House holds a thirteen song track list. Yes, I absolutely love 7/13 songs, not to say the other songs aren’t good, it’s just that those seven do most of the heavy lifting for the album in my eyes.

Both “Daydreaming” and “Daylight” start up with these vocal chop-ups, and boy oh boy do I adore songs that do that well. “Grapejuice” sounds like a summer sunset to me. A very British song sonically, it speaks of wine to go along with a break up.

The preemptive single for the album, “As It Was” , is of course a B98.5 favorite. You know why as soon as it begins: “Holding me back, gravity’s holding me back”. It’s reminiscent of a lost relationship. For those of us who’ve spent a night laying on the floor, thinking about the past, and staring at the ceiling: this song is a mood. Each song has so much personality packed within it, whether it be the sounds or the lyrics. The next song is another that strikes hard and fast with both. “Satellite” , is in essence, the motions of still caring for someone in your past, wanting to be there for them and just needing their say so. The fact that the song is an allegory adds so many brownie points in my opinion. Allegoric lyrics are another favorite of mine. Even more so if it has to do with space (i.e. Ariana Grande’s “NASA”), this one hits the mark. In Harry’s House every song has its own story, and every note is in their rightful place.

Harry Styles’ newest album, Harry’s House, is truly a work of art and if you’ve listened to it then tell me what your favorite song is! @theB985.