NJ’s Fun Fall Activities

As the summer draws to a close with the passing of Labor Day, it’ll be no time before you’re drinking a pumpkin flavored whatever, and looking to partake in some autumn time fun. Here are some fun fall activities to do on the Jersey Shore.

1. Don’t whine, grab some wine

A little fancy, maybe even a little romantic, going to a winery is always a fun little getaway. With more than 50 wineries across the state of New Jersey, it’s easy to find one in any nook or cranny within the state.

2. Enjoy the Festivities

Fall is festival season in Jersey. I went on VisitNJ.org & they have a whole host of festivals in their calendar. Some of these include the Oktoberfest @ Skylands Stadium in Augusta (Beer), Warren County Hot Air Balloon Festival in Washington, there’s even a sunflower picking festival in Cream Ridge (Fall Flower Festival). There’s a different festival almost every weekend in NJ so don’t be afraid to find one you like or try something new!

3. Pick up a sweet thang

Lastly, I’d be remiss if I hadn’t mentioned the apple and pumpkin picking New Jersey tradition. We are the Garden State after all, what better way to enjoy the fall than to pick some soon to be pies or jack-o-lanterns? Personally I’m not much of a carver these days, but I do enjoy a good pumpkin paint here and there!

Moral of it all is to be active and do something fun, spontaneous, or just different. Oftentimes I waste time thinking about how I’m bored instead of trying to find something fun and different to do! As the Starks say, “Winter is coming.” & you don’t want another beautiful New Jersey autumn to pass you by. Take a sip, be festive, or grab some fruit ripe for the taking. Do you and enjoy life, you only have one! 🙂