MGK Disses Jack Harlow

Machine Gun Kelly has made news following his freestyle over the Jay-Z & Eminem “Renegade” beat. The rap was the second installment of his The Cypher series. Within the 2 minute long solo cypher, Kells take shots at fellow rapper Jack Harlow; who recently dropped his album Jackman. Along the 10 track LP, Harlow brags about being the second best white rapper in the game, behind only Eminem. It’s clear these words bothered Machine Gun Kelly, because just a week after the album was put out, MGK posted the verse, which included these lines:

I see why they call you Jackman, you jacked man’s whole swag, give Drake his flow back man. I eat rapper’s like Pac man. Must I regurgitate and show you who’s in my stomach from the last dance? I battle rapped no Instagram’s, or yellin’ at the cam, dam. Y’all made me the villain when all along I’ve been Batman.

Machine Gun Kelly – “Renegade Freestyle”

Personally, I think Jack Harlow raps circles around MGK, so much so that I’m not sure Jackman should even respond with his own freestyle. I’m not sure it’s worth more than a bar in his next song, let alone a full diss track back. MGK’s verse work fine for pop songs, but when it comes to rap, his reliance on simple similes hold him back from being on the level of Harlow. Jack dissing MGK back would be one of the biggest highlights in MGK’s rap career. After all, he hasn’t been rapping much since he tried dissing another white rapper: Eminem, and left with his tale tucked between his legs in 2018. Bench players shouldn’t talk like starters, and I think that’s what MGK is doing again here. That is, if you even consider them to be in the same league.

Those are just my thoughts though. Hit me up @RiosDanielSun & tag @theB985 to let me know your thoughts on this could-be beef.