Fun Holiday: Embrace Your Geekness Day

Regardless of the amount of people who’ve lived or will live on the planet, one statement always rings true: you’re the only you! So, what makes you, you?

what topic makes you foam at the mouth like this guy when he sees the avatar?!

Happy Embrace Your Geekness Day! A day where you can show off the little interests you have that others may not know about you. Are you a Pokémon GO fiend? Do you know every Barbie Doll outfit ever, and foam at the mouth whenever Margot Robbie wears one? You could even have infinite knowledge on a sports team, or maybe you know every Will Ferrell line from every movie he’s in… Whatever interests you is fly to me, and should be to you too! So show it off. Regardless of how cool you are, everyone has their thing.

Henry Cavill plays World of Warcraft,

Henry Cavill streaming on Twitch

and Post Malone plays Magic.

Post Malone on The Command Zone playing Magic: The Gathering

What do you do? Hit us up @theB985 and tell us what your YouTube feed is filled with.

More than that, tell us who inspired you to follow that passion of yours!


I’ll start! I love jiu jitsu, like love it. I’ll fall down a video marathon rabbit hole of different move variations and stuff! I also love D&D. Yes, Dungeons and Dragons; no, I do not larp lol (no shade if you do), but I do have a blast every Sunday gathering around a table with friends with our own respective characters that we made, and going on adventures. Lastly, comic books & anime. I’ve had a collection of Batmans and Flash’s since I was little, and though I’m not caught up on them, like I am One Piece, I still love the culture behind it all. My step dad used to take me to the comic book store and the movies all the time! We’d watch the Marvel movies as they came out, and even played Magic: The Gathering semi-often. I appreciate him giving me time to be myself and investing in my interests alongside me. – Danny Ríos

Now it’s your turn! 🙂

Napoleon Dynamite on what he’s drawing: “A Liger…”