Dawn FM, The Weeknd’s Retro 80’s Album

Dawn FM cover

This past Friday, The Weeknd released his album Dawn FM. A spiritual successor to his previous album After Hours, Dawn FM has The Weeknd fully diving into his 80’s inspired artistry. Naturally, the retro album is full of synthy chords, and drum machine produced beats. The result, is a record that could transport any listener to a time before I was born.

The front running single for Dawn FM, a B985 favorite, is “Take My Breath”. Other notable tracks are, “Sacrifice,” “Out of Time,” & “Is There Someone Else?”. That having been said, when it comes to my personal favorite, “Less Than Zero,” is the song for me. Jim Carey stars as the narrator for the album. Carey takes the role of the Dawn FM radio host, guiding us through an allegory of the afterlife. Artist features include Tyler, The Creator, Lil Wayne, and Quincy Jones.

In summary, The Weeknd’s newest album, Dawn FM, is definitely an album to check out. It is the perfect soundtrack for weekend drives in your DeLorean. What’d you think of Dawn FM? Hit us @TheB985!

P.S. If you dig the retro nature of Dawn FM, and crave more of that 80’s feel, other albums that might catch your ear are Boo Boo by Toro y Moi, and Alone At Prom by Tory Lanez. If you want more from me, you can find me @RiosDanielSun OR weekends on B985 . 🙂