Bad Bunny Is A Vibe

Un Verano Sin Ti (A Summer Without You) is the recently released album from Bad Bunny. The Puerto Rico native, global superstar, rapper, singer, record producer, professional wrestler, and actor; Bunny has gone on to make songs with legends like Daddy Yankee and Drake (amongst a plethora of others). More than that, his sophomore album YHLQMDLG is the most listened to Spanish album in history, maybe until now. EL Conejo, as they call him, is Spotify’s most streamed artist of the last two years; this album, Un Verano Sin Ti, perfectly embodies why.

First and foremost, “It’s a good vibe,” says Bad Bunny in a recent interview regarding this new album. Premiering on May 6, 2022, Un Verano Sin Ti hauls a 23 song tracklist that flows through different moods and genres within latin & caribbean cultures. Though the title, and cover art, may present a hint of a melancholy tone, Bunny goes on to say, “I think it’s the happiest album of my career.” The album embodies missing someone, but knowing it is still summer, and enjoying that fact. My own experience with this album thus far is one of enamoration; though my work colleagues don’t speak a lick of spanish whatsoever, even they enjoy a full listen through whenever I press play on the album. 

Un Verano Sin Ti balances the party aspect (with perreo & dembow tracks), while still somehow incorporating completely other genres. An example would be the high energy mambo track “Después De La Playa” (“After The Beach”), or the bossa nova sounds within “Yo No Soy Celoso” (“I’m Not Jealous”). It encompasses different Caribbean flavors (reggaetón, reggae, bomba, those I’ve named, and more) while still remaining uniquely Bad Bunny.

Bunny himself is the heart of it all. He possesses an air about him that is infectious and translates to not just his music, but the other aspects of his life including fashion and protest. He hails from the world’s last colony, Puerto Rico, where tourists go to seek paradise. It’s brought to them by tycoons who privatize regular commodities and infrastructure (like electricity), leaving natives to struggle, while non natives live in excess. His song “El Apagón” (“The Blackout”) expresses these feelings while still bringing the feeling of a club anthem. Things like this do not leave space for contemptment. Truly an artist worthy of his praise, Bad Bunny is a vibe.
If you’ve listened to the album and want more from Bunny, you can check these songs out. A B98.5 favorite, “Dakiti” (“Euphoric”), and “BAD CON NICKY,” for some party vibes. Though for more chill, maybe somber vibes “Si Veo A Tu Mama” (“If I see Your Mom”), and “La Noche De Anoche” (“Last Night’s Night”). “La Romana” and “Safaera” for latin club perreo vibes. And the best for last. If you want feel good, grateful for life music, go straight to “Estamos Bien” (“We’re Good”), and “Bendiciones” (“Blessings”). I look forward to sharing more Bad Bunny with you when I release my Un Verano Sin Ti dj mix, very soon. As always you can find me @RiosDanielSun, thanks for reading, until next time, Boricua, boricua!!!