3 Stand Up Comedians You Should Check Out

We all love to laugh. In fact, studies have shown that laughing prolongs life. So, let’s do more of it! Here are my 3 favorite stand up comedians right now. Each different in their own way, each of these funny guys are taking on the world as today’s generation of jesters. Best of all, all 3 have graciously released their most recent comedy specials on YouTube. Please be aware that some jokes are meant for more mature audiences. Each comedian’s most recent special can be found down at the bottom of the article. Feel free to check them all out, and let me know your thoughts @theb985!

Andrew Schulz

Probably the most infamous of these 3, Andrew Schulz is a native New Yorker who’s known for being the original proprietor of bringing stand up comedy to YouTube. You may know him from the hit MTV show Guy Code. His being from the big apple gives Andrew a worldwide view. He’s been around so many different cultures since young, which gives him a different perspective as to how they all relate and differ. It allows everyone in the room to feel a sense of relief around each other because we’re all getting made fun of in one way or another.

Shane Gillis 

Hailing from the western regions of Pennsylvania, Shane Gillis moved to the city that never sleeps to pursue his comedy career. As I’m sure you can imagine, this country to metropolis lifestyle is wildy jarring. Shane feels like being in the city made it feel weird going back home, while at the same time, not really feeling like he belongs while he’s in New York either. This most recent comedy special plays with that notion of being a fish out of water in both scenarios. 

Stavros Halkias

Cute little Stavybaby being a rascal

Our favorite little Greek meatball, Stavros hails from Baltimore, Maryland. His content includes some self-deprecation, as he tries to grow up , his most recent special is a bookmark for Stav’s life and where he is right now. Out of everyone on this list, he’s my favorite for his vulnerability and acknowledgement of imperfection. He’s trying to be better, but here’s where he’s at now. 

Below are the comedy specials of each, enjoy! 🙂

Andrew Schulz – INFAMOUS
Shane Gillis – Live In Austin
Stavros Halkias – Live At The Lodge Room