There are 3 New Shake Flavors at Shake Shack

Shake Shack is here to help you follow through with your new year’s resolution diet. Just Kidding! They are filling our bellies with yummy sweet treats!

Shake Shack has introduced three new shake flavors dubbed the Classic Comfort Trio. Say hello to Cookie Butter, Malted Milk Chocolate and Frozen Hot Chocolate.

Cookie Butter
Vanilla frozen custard and cookie butter, topped with whipped cream and speculoos cookie crumbles

Malted Milk Chocolate
Vanilla and chocolate malted frozen custard combined and topped with whipped cream and crushed chocolate

Frozen Hot Chocolate
Chocolate frozen custard mixed with sweet cocoa powder, topped with whipped cream, cocoa powder, and mini marshmallows

The Classic Comfort Trio is available for a limited time at our local Shack. SO… see you at the Monmouth Mall or the Monmouth Park Service Area location!