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There Is An Advent Calendar Filled With Different Hard Seltzers

Forget the chocolate advent calendars, there is now a hard seltzer one!

Photo Credit: Give Them The Beer

It may have been the summer of White Claws this year, but the hard seltzer trend is slipping over into the holiday season.

Enter in the First Ever Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar. It is filled with 12 different hard seltzers from a variety of brands across the U.S. Now, we don’t know exactly which kinds are in the calendar but Truly, White Claw and Henry’s are definitely included.

The Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar is going for $59 plus a $15 ground shipping fee and is available for delivery starting in November. Give Them The Beer is encouraging costumers to reserve yours now since supplies are limited.

The hardest part is to not open up all the doors and try them all in one shot.