This Is The Board Game That Causes The Most Fights

Growing up, playing board games with your family on Friday night was probably a tradition.

Whether it was Clue, Battleship, or Connect Four, it was all fun and games— until the fighting began. What’s a game night without yelling and making accusations?

According to a study from Study Finds, there’s one game in particular that causes the most fights among friends and family: Monopoly, known by some as the “forbidden game.”

In a survey of 2,000 people, 20% say that their game nights with friends or family members are often or always disrupted by competitive or unfriendly behavior. 46% of those in the survey quit because they were losing, while 44% said they accused another player of cheating, 44% reported that two or more players ended up in arguments.

The study also goes into detail about how age affects the behavior of board game players. 71% of Boomers say they’re never the problem. As for Gen Xers, 57% believe they’re not the problem. Meanwhile, the percentage for Millennials is 38%, and 24% for Gen Zers.

Since we never truly know how to play Monopoly, watch this tutorial to help avoid game night fights!