Taylor Swift Officially Cancels ‘Lover Fest’ Postponed Shows

Sad news for Taylor Swift fans.

Photo: Taylor Swift Lover Fest

Swift broke the news on Friday that her Lover Fest world tour that was planned for 2020 and got postponed due to the pandemic, is officially canceled. Once again, due to the pandemic.

“I’m sorry, but I cannot reschedule the shows that we’ve postponed,” the singer shared on an Instagram post. “This is an unprecedented pandemic that has changed everyone’s plans and no one knows what the touring landscape is going to look like in the near future.”

Fans were already able to received refunds when she first postponed the tour, but now everyone will get their money back.

“Although refunds have been available since we first postponed the Lover Fest shows, many of you hung onto your tickets and I too hung onto the idea that we could reschedule,”

Taylor Swift is just as sad as we are about the news.

“I’m so disappointed that I won’t be able to see you in person as soon as I wanted to,” she explained. “I miss you terribly and can’t wait til we can all safely be at shows together again.”

Hopefully Taylor Swift, along with many other artists, can tour in 2022.