Six Flags Wild Safari Welcomes New Baby Giraffe

Six Flags Great Adventure is celebrating a giraffe baby boom with the addition of their fourth cafe in one year. The newest addition, Sierra, was born on June 2 and recently ventured into the Wild Plains section of the safari. She joined her mom, Muraya, along with the other young giraffes, Phyllis, Embu, and Soda.

Sierra is over 200lbs and is expected to grow to be about 1,500lbs.

“She is the latest in an exciting string of giraffe births here at the safari, and we are thrilled that all four calves are being raised by their mothers,” Safari Veterinarian Dr. Ken Keiffer shared.

Calves are typically about six feet tall when born. Adult male giraffes can reach 18 feet tall, making them the tallest mammals in the world.

You can see Sierra along with the other young giraffes at the Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure.

Guests must purchase tickets and make a reservation in advance using Six Flags’ new online registration system. There is a new, free audio tour available to stream online that provides fun facts about 70 different species of animals at the safari.