“Gorilla Glue Woman” to Have Procedure to Remove Glue From Her Hair

Photo: Tessica Brown/ Instagram

There’s a reason why Gorilla Glue is called GORILLA Glue!

Tessica Brown, the woman who applied Gorilla Glue on her hair and went viral, might be saved by the end of this week.

She is expected to fly to Los Angeles tomorrow for a lengthy procedure that’ll save her sealed hair. Normally a $12,000 procedure, the plastic surgeon who’s offering his services felt so bad that he’s opting to do it at no charge.

So how did the hair saga start?

The Beginning

Brown, or @im_d_ollady on Instagram, posted a video where she stated that she substituted the adhesive glue for her normal hair spray. Her hair had been rock solid for a month, and in her words, it was “a bad, bad idea.”

Second Video

In another video, Tessica applied shampoo on her hair— further showing that her hair remains unchanged.

The Hospital Visit

With her hair still stuck, the Louisiana native made a trip to the ER over the weekend. A healthcare worker applied saline water and acetone wipes to remove the glue, and said it could take 20 hours.


Her hair saga caused her to gain over 600,000 Instagram followers. While her situation is slightly humorous, it’s also painful. One of the many people who wished her well was artist Chance The Rapper.

Currently, the GoFundMe Tessica initiated to cover her medical bills rose to $13,000 in one day; she’s also considering a lawsuit against the company.