Conan Gray Releases New Track “Overdrive”

The singer premiered the video on Monday 12am EST.

Conan Gray is back with an infectious new single, “Overdrive.”

Serving as the follow-up to his Fall 2020 collab with Lauv, “Fake,” the single is an upbeat and driving electro anthem that was worth the wait. It’ll be included in his sophomore album, which he is currently working on.

In a press release, the 22 year-old singer-songwriter went into detail about the music video for “Overdrive,” co-directed by him.

“I do this thing when I’m in public where I’ll see some beautiful stranger and all of a sudden I’m imagining an entire life with them. The house we’d live in, the reckless, wild life we’d have, the alternate reality I could live if I had the courage to go up and talk to them. That’s what the ‘Overdrive’ video is, it’s a fantasy. It’s the daydream I have every time somebody catches my eye on the street, the daydream I’m having every day I sit alone in my house during this pandemic. The wild nights and the excitement of being young and limitless. With the ‘Overdrive’ video, I wanted to let the people watching escape reality the same way I do when I listen to the song. I wanted to make something that just makes you feel good. I think we all need that right now.”

In a tweet, he dedicated the video to “all my romantics who plan out their entire lives with random strangers they see on the street.”

Last year, Gray released his debut album, Kid Krow, debuting at No.5 on the Billboard 200. It featured his two biggest singles, “Maniac,” and the wildly successful “Heather.”