AJR Drop New Single “Way Less Sad” Off Their Upcoming Album “OK Orchestra”

In true AJR fashion, the video for “Way Less Sad” is visually pleasing, and artistic.

For the past year, indie pop trio AJR have been teasing their new era with the release of their singles “Bang!,” “Bummerland,” and the recent arrival, “My Play.” Finally, the new era is almost here!

Introducing “Way Less Sad,” their latest offering from their upcoming album, OK Orchestra, out March 26th. OK Orchestra is the follow-up to the bands 2019 release, Neotheater, which included the singles “100 Bad Days,” “Birthday Party,” and “Dear Winter.”

It was their first album to crack the top 10 on the US Billboard 200.

While discussing “Way Less Sad,” the brothers explained that “it’s a song about how we’re really feeling in this moment. “So much of last year felt apocalyptic and this year we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Things aren’t back to normal yet but we should be celebrating the small wins, even if they seem trivial.”

The trio has previously revealed that the album has been a year in the making, and turned into their favorite album they’ve ever created.