10 Words Your Dog Loves

There is always that one word that makes your doggie go wild! For me, every time I say “walkies”, my dog Rocky hits a new level of energy. He starts jumping and running around and grabs his leash and waits at the front door. His ears even perk up when I say “Hey Rocky” in one of those higher-pitched tones. I think it’s because we would usually say, “Hey Rocky… wanna go for a walk?”.

One company in England, called OnBuy, decided to commission a study to find out the most loved words by dogs. They measured the dog’s happiness based on beats per minute (BPM). A typical medium-sized dog has a resting heart rate of 115 BPM.

According to their results, the #1 word dogs love is, “walkies”, which is British slang for walking your dog. Britain or America, those words definitely raises my dog’s heart rate!

Top 10 Words That Your Dog Loves

  1. “Walk” or “Walkies” – 156 BPM
  2. “Dinner,” “food,” or “eat” – 152 BPM
  3. “Treat” – 151 BPM
  4. “Get it” – 150 BPM
  5. “Fetch” – 147 BPM
  6. “Toy” or “get your toy” – 144 BPM
  7. “Good boy” or “good girl” – 139 BPM
  8. “What’s THAT?” – 135 BPM
  9. Their name – 128 BPM
  10. “Find it” – 124 BPM