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Ashley Tisdale Used To Breakup With Boyfriends After A Date To Disneyland

One of the perks of being on Disney Channel is the VIP treatment at Disneyland in California and Ashely Tisdale definitely took advantage of it.

While a guest on The Late Late Show with James Corden, the High School Musical star admitted to showing off to the guys she was dating during her Disney days.

‘It’s so funny because I actually would bring guys [to Disneyland] that I’d dated to kind of, like, flex a little bit,’ Ashley confessed.

It sounds like a good move until the Sharpay came out in Tisdale.


‘I’d be like, “I’m Disney royalty,” and then I’d break up with them after the fireworks. It was always a good story,’ she revealed.

That is when “The Happiest Place on Earth” turned into a puddle of tears.

In Ashely Tisdale’s defense, she was completely unaware that she was making this a trend until one of her friends pointed it out.

‘I didn’t even notice I was doing it until my friend was like, “Isn’t it so weird? You guys go to Disneyland then right after you guys ended up breaking up,”‘ she explained

Flashforward to 2019, Ashley is happily married to her composer husband, Christopher French.

Ashely Tisdale is currently starring in the new CBS comedy Carol’s Second Act with Patricia Heaton airing Thursdays at 9:30 PM.