Wawa Has A Secret St. Patrick’s Day Menu

Brb going to get my green on.

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day coming up, Wawa has shared a little secret with us. They have a “secret menu” until the holiday.

To access the menu, press the four-leaf clover on the corner of your screen when ordering.

The hidden menu offers:

  • Pot of Gold Smoothie: Sweet and salty caramel is blended together with cream base and topped with whipped cream and rainbow candy pieces.
  • Mocha Mint Paddy Smoothie: Mint, chocolate, and cream base are blended together and topped with indulgent (limited time only) chocolate whipped cream and topped with rainbow candy pieces.
  • Good Luck Mint Smoothie: Mint syrup is blended with cream and topped with whipped cream and rainbow pieces.