Uber Is Testing Out A Pet Feature

Pet owners, this is your lucky day.

Photo Credit: Freepik

Uber is now making it easier to bring your pet for a ride. So, no more getting declined because you’re plus one is a four-legged friend.

The ride-sharing company is testing out a new ride option called Uber Pet. This gives the driver a heads up that you’re bringing a furry friend along for the ride. There will be a small surcharge-free for about $3 to $5 depending on your location.


On the drivers’ end, they are able to opt-out in the preferences section of the app. It’ll help users get matched with drivers who welcome pets and not turn you away due to allergies or the hairy mess. Regardless of the drivers’ preference, service animals are still exempt. According to Uber policies and the law, all service animals are allowed in the cars at all times with no extra cost.

The program, which begins on October 16th, will be tested in 7 select cities across the United States; Austin, Denver, Nashville, Minneapolis- St. Paul, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Tampa Bay.