Skrillex’s Dubstep Music Could Protect You From Mosquito Bites

The more you know.

A new study has found that a song by electronic/dubstep artist Skrillex could prevent mosquitos from biting you.

Scientists from all over the world played electronic/dubstep music for yellow fever mosquitos, specifically “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” by Skrillex to see the effects.

The team said that “sound and its reception are crucial for reproduction, survival, and population maintenance of many animals.”

The mosquitos were “entertained” by the music “copulated far less often” than those that weren’t. Then the female mosquitos ended up attacking fewer hosts than those who didn’t listen to the music. “The occurrence of blood feeding activity was lower when music was being played,” the scientists found.

It’s time to add Skrillex to your bbq playlist.