Sabra Releases Breakfast Avocado Toast Snack

BRB heading to Target

Photo: sabra

Avocado toast is yummy, but sometimes it could get pricey.No need to spend a minimum of $10 for a fancy piece of toast that’s just displayed in a instagram worthy manor.

(JK the picture and the likes are totally worth it. But, we are being money savors today.)

So, Sabra has come up with a cheap and tasty alternative. They just released their new Breakfast Avocado Toast. The snack comes with both avocado spread and bread, which is described as “crispy, whole grain toast.” That means no toaster required.

The Breakfast Avocado Toast is Non GMO and has 5g of fiber, 13g of whole grain and only 190 calories. The best part, it’s less than $3!

You can purchase this item at Target.