Ride Ice Bumper Cars at Ocean Ice Palace


We're always looking for new and unique ways to have fun in Ocean County, and Ocean Ice Palace in Brick has just the thing....Ice Bumper Cars! This winter entertainment trend is as awesome as it sounds.

Flying and spinning around the ice while harmlessly smashing into one another is a super fun experience anyone can enjoy with their friends or family. Drivers have to be at least 48" tall & under 300lbs to ride.

The "cars" themselves are crazy contraptions that kind of look like a space ship cockpit with a high back seat and two control sticks all stuck inside a big inner tube that can zoom and spin around the ice on low-friction wheels. They are easy to operate and a crazy good time.

According to their website: "You can walk-up and ride the cars IF they are available but your best bet is to make a reservation in advance especially if you’re bringing a group. Book Online!"

The sessions can sell out pretty quickly, so take our advice and call Ocean Ice Palace today at 732-477-4411 to make reservations or book online by visiting oceanhockey.com/bumper-cars-on-ice, and clicking on the date and time you want in their calendar to plan your unique fall & winter outing today.