Popeyes Solves The Sold-Out Chicken Sandwich Problem With BOYB (Bring Your Own Bun)

Photo Credit: Popeyes

Good news for those who are unhappy they didn’t get a chance to try a Popeyes chicken sandwich, like me. The chicken chain found a solution!

Popeyes is now BOYB. That’s Bring Your Own Bun.

Here’s how it works… order three chicken tenders and put them on a bun that YOU provide. Oh, you also have to BYOT, aka Bring Your Own Toppings. That means pickles, mayo, and the chipotle sauce are not provided.

How a chicken restaurant is out of chicken is still baffling, but hey thanks for trying to make an alternative. A for effort.

Don’t worry though, Popeyes has assured customers that the real chicken sandwich will be back on the menu soon.

Photo Credit: Popeyes