Old Amtrack Leather Seats Converted Into Designer Bags

Ranging from $75-$435.

Photo: Amtrack / People Urban Progress

Amtrack is putting their old trains to good use. The train company teamed up with Indianapolis’ People for Urban Progress to create re-purposed bags out of the leather seats from unused trains.

They were able to recycle 6,080 leather seat covers from 20 retired Acela Express Amtrack trains. These were then converted into 2,500 bags. Over the next year, small quantities will be released.

The latest batch, which was released Monday includes “Conductor” weekender ($435), “Agent” backpack ($385), “Passenger” tote ($185), and “Dispatcher” dopp kit ($75.)
Every bag is unique and highlights each seats’ imperfections.

“This is an exciting opportunity to showcase the work we do to remake waste and create change through the creation of our products,” says Andrea Cowley, executive director of People for Urban Progress.