Maury Povich Invites Drake To Take Paternity Test On His Show

Drake accept Maury’s invite!

By now we all know how Pusha T revealed that allegedly Drake has a son he’s been hiding from the world. This shocking news cam out in his diss track, “The Story of Adidon.”

Maury Povich is trying to help Drake out and set the record straight. The daytime talk show host invited Drake to come on his show to take a paternity test and finally talk about the whole situation.

“I’m praying it happens,” Maury told TMZ when they caught up with him at the airport. “Drake, come on. New season starts next month. We’re ready.”

Drake has apparently been financially supporting his rumored son along with the mother, former adult film star Sophie Brusseux.

Eventually Drake will have to confirm or deny these accusations. What better way to come clean than on Maury?