Mark Wahlberg’s Daily Workout Schedule Is Intense

He works out twice a day!

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Mark Wahlberg took to Instagram Tuesday to answer fan questions. When one fan inquired about his workout routine, that is when he shared his detailed daily schedule. It’s grueling!


The actor’s day, which typically begins at 2:30am, consists of two workouts, a cryotherapy session and a game of golf. In between all that, he has meetings, spends time with his family and even finds time to snack through out the day. Since his days are so hectic, he passes out at 7:30pm.

Photo: Mark Wahlberg Instagram

As someone who starts their day at 4/4:30, I can’t even get in half the things Mark Wahlberg does. And the gym… 2 times a day… well Mateo successful accomplishes that, me I struggle to go once a day.

In case you’re wondering how Mark does it while filming a movie…