Hot Take: Ketchup vs. Ranch. RESULTS IN!

Last week AdAge released an article claiming that ranch has replaced ketchup as the top condiment. So, of course, we are taking sides here on the B985 Morning Show.

According to Clorox Co., marketer of category-leading Hidden Valley Ranch, 70 percent of ranch usage now happens beyond the salad bowl – including for dipping pizza, French fries, and popcorn. Ranch has also displaced bleu cheese as the dipping sauce of choice for wings, says Jacquie Klein, director of the brand studio that oversees Hidden Valley marketing.

B985 Morning Show Results

Mateo: Ranch is the way of the future, sure ketchup is great but us ranch lovers are looking ahead with 2020 vision. It’s only a matter of time before Ranch is the top condiment in the country!

Lenny: It’s a classic, can go with anything and is so accessible. Hello… it’s on every restaurant table. Ketchup for sure is the superior condiment!

“Ranch is a rising iconic flavor in food and culture today,” Klein says. “It’s found on more than half of restaurant menus and in 75 percent of homes in the U.S. It’s really embedded in our culture. We have more than 5 million Twitter conversations a year. We always love to see Hidden Valley Ranch fountains at weddings and mini-kegs at backyard barbecues.”

The Jersey Shore Results

We decided to take this conversation to you. Tuesday morning we shared a poll on our Instagram story @B985MorningShow and after 24 hours, the results are in!

According to the Jersey Shore, Ketchup is the top condiment.

“Gross ranch on hamburgers or hot dogs!! Seriously these millennials have gone mad. It does not make u classy,” Cathy from Barnegat

“Ketchup #1,” Karen from Lanoka Harbor

“Ranch with everything!!! The Best!!,” Marissa Bayville

“Ranch is good for three things salad and wings and pizza crust. Ketchup everything else I mean ranch with meatloaf? I think not!” Tommy Sunshine

“Forget ketchup and ranch it’s hot sauce,” Jamie from Forked River

“Ranch all day!!,” Lisa from Toms River


No matter what tour top condiment choice is, we can all agree that both are a necessity for tailgating and football Sundays. So, while you have this debate with your friends and family over delicious treats, make sure to lock in your picks for the $10,000 Football Pick’Em league. Each week you have the chance to win $300! That’s a $100 gift card to each of our sponsors; Mellow Mushroom, Fratello’s Restaurant and Wahoo Tacos.