Here Are The Thirstiest States

Thirst = Sex-Crazed.

Hands of female and male lying on bed and kissing

Go figure, the smallest state in America is also the most sex-crazed. According to search data from Google, people in Rhode Island are the thirstiest. Four Loko provided a infographic to help.

Four Loko gathered searched data of hookup terms, bars with the hottest girls and where to buy condoms based on the search volume per state.

Photo: Four Loko

Topping the charts as the thirstiest is our friends in Rhode Island, followed by Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Pretty surprised that West Virginia was at the bottom ranked at #47. For a state with a #1 party school, you would have thought it would have been up at the top. Since this is based on Google search data, they people in that state probably know where to go to get it on.

Our lovely state of New Jersey came in at #27. Not to high, not to low, right in the middle.